Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a creative process involving organizing the text and the visual in a perceptible and visible plane two-dimensionally or three-dimensionally in order to convey a message, develop a picture, or stimulate a thought.

t can be applied digitally or in many environments such as printing, display, animated film, animation, packaging design. Alignment, balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, image, proportion, closeness, repetition, rhythm and unity are the basic principles of visual arts in graphic design and graphic arts.

The way of influencing a person is first through the visual. The second of what they are exposed to is the plan. Firms are able to communicate with target groups by addressing the audience first.

Madyo, establishes the most effective connection between the customer and the target audience with the designs they have made.

Logos, catalogs, brochures, documents, briefly designed corporate identity, there is a "love at first sight" between the brand and the customers.